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" would give a million stars if I could! I have always been a very nervous driver, it just didn't come naturally to me at all and so I basically just gave up trying to learn. However my Grandma gave me 10 Driving lessons as a gift at 9 and 3 Driving School and it helped me gain my confidence and skill so much. McKenzie was so kind, fun, informative and confident that it made learning so much easier, she has a lot of great tricks and tips you just wouldn't find anywhere else. I just passed my Road Test and I actually found it easy, I find driving fun now instead of scary and nerve wracking! I owe it all to McKenzie and 9 and 3 Driving School, thank-you for giving me my confidence, freedom and independence!"


"I recently finished 3 in car lessons with Mackenzie in preparation for my G2 test and she was so wonderful! She is very professional and personable. I felt really nervous to start driving and she quickly helped to build up my confidence. She has a very calm demeanor, so I always felt at ease in the car with her. With all of her help and advice, I easily passed my G2 test on the first try - I am beyond happy :)
I would highly recommend her services and I will definitely be reaching out when I am ready to get on the highway.

Just to note - if you are looking to book lessons, get a hold of her in advance (at least a month ahead of any tests), she is very flexible in her schedule, but she is also very busy.

Thanks again Mackenzie!"

"I just wanted to let you know I drove myself to Carleton Place and back alone today for the first time. There's roundabouts at Carleton and in my head I was like hell year I'm so prepared for this. Anyways I just wanted to let you know like oh my god you are actually the best driving instructor  you prepared me so well and I felt so confident driving because of that. So thank you actually so much. You fo real deserve the entire world"

"I just finished up my lessons with McKenzie, she is an amazing teacher and a fun person to be around. I have always been an extremely nervous driver and honestly thought I might never learn how to drive but McKenzie was knowledgeable, patient and calm so I felt more calm and in control. I even started to really look forward to my lessons instead of feeling anxious about them. I have come such a long way since my first lesson. I can finally drive on the highway, make smooth turns and I am confident I can now pass my upcoming Road Test. I can even parallel park and 3 point turn better than most people I know thanks to her clear and concise step by step instructions!"

"I want to thank the instructors and everyone in the program. I had a lot of fun and the whole experience was absolutely amazing everything was hands on and helpful. They make it exciting to learn about the course, also it’s a very hands on course which helped me because I am a hands on learner. I highly recommend this program and location for drivers Ed."

"Highly recommend! Karen is amazing and the lessons were perfect. I couldn't parallel park and after my lessons with her I actually enjoy doing it! Thank you so much!!"

" I had Karen as my instructor to prepare for the G2 test. She was fantastic and patient with me. Thanks to her I passed my test and am looking forward to working with her driving school for my Full G next."

"Best driving school out there if you get the pleasure of having Mackenzie as your teacher she will teach you everything you need to know and is very good at what she does. I highly recommend this drivers school"

"Mackenzie, is a wonderful instructor, she makes her clients feel at ease and encourages them.She pays attention to detail and will improve anyone's driving habits who books with her, from teens to seniors. I was totally impressed with this young lady's awareness and teaching skills. I recommend 9 and 3 driving classes to everyone that wants to improve their driving habits and knowledge of the road."

"Mackenzie is the best instructor ever. if you want the best for your kid she’s it."

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