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Q. Can I take my Driver's Ed. before I turn 16, or if I don't yet have my G1 license?

A. You may enroll and do the in class before you turn 16, but you may not drive until you have your G1 license. You must complete driver's education within one year of your first in class lesson.

Q. Will I get a certificate when I complete my Driver Education?

A. Driving schools no longer issue driver education certificates, your course completion info will be uploaded direction to the Ministry of Transportation computer system. You will need nothing in writing to book a road test, it will be in their computer files. For insurances purposes, you will have to purchase a Driver License History at Service Ontario and present this to your insurer for possible insurance discount. The cost of the license history is $12.00

Q. How do I get freeway experience if I can't drive on the freeway?

A. You may drive on the freeway with a licensed driving instructor. At 9 and 3 Driving School we try and accommodate all students who wish to drive on Highway 417 to Kanata and back.

Q. What car could I use for the road test?

A. Vehicles are not supplied by the Drive Test Centre, for road tests. If you have a vehicle at home that you are used to, we suggest you use that, it will save you money. If you don't have access to a suitable vehicle we can supply a car for your road test, for a reasonable fee, with some notice. 

Q. Where can I find out about car insurance?

A. You should check our the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Q. How do I book my road test?

A. You can book online at, by phone, or in person at a local Drive Test Centre. Bring your license with you. The fees for your first G1 exit test were paid when you wrote your G1 written test. Be careful when booking online there are many scam websites our there that will charge you a fee. If you are using one of our vehicles for the road test we will book your road test for you.

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